Our Services

Technology Representation

Point Investment represents unique world high-tech companies on the Iraqi market. We focus our expertise on serving excellent quality for the following sectors;

  • Energy sector
  • Precise machinery
  • Material engineering sector

Consulting and Advisory

Our senior experts and analysts are offering our foreign clients an in-depth analysis and recommendation which helps them to find the right Iraqi partner and to define their investment projects in Iraqi Kurdistan properly. For our domestic clients, Point Investment’s experts seek after foreign business partners and cooperation opportunities.

Innovative industry investments & transfer of technology


Point Investment is funding and co-establishing new businesses and projects mainly in Iraqi Kurdistan. Our attention is paid mostly to precise machinery and energy projects and new ICT technologies. We don’t only bring investment capital into new projects, but primarily the newest know-how and technologies from the world. Due to the technological transfer, we are stimulating economic growth and development of new industrial sectors in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The close cooperation with Academics from all over Europe, we are capable of covering any business or technological sector in excellent quality.

Technology consulting and Design office


Our capabilities enable us to provide specific technical services and works in terms of:


  • Technical assessment and Feasibility studies for Technology projects
  • Designing and re-designing of technical components, tools, machines and production lines (technology development, technical drawings, manufacturing process development and design)
  • Technical standardisation
  • Engineering
  • Technical documentation for complex technology projects