Point Investment

Point Investment is an Iraqi company established in 2017 and headquartered in Erbil.
Our goal is to persistently search for new industry investment opportunities and technology transfer projects in Iraq and especially in Iraqi Kurdistan. Point Investment’s partners are innovative technology companies from Europe, mainly the Czech Republic, which is part of the European Union.

We are the business advisors for European financial institutions interested in finding partners and investment opportunities. Our clients are leading Central European private banks for which we conduct due diligence analysis and business policy recommendations to eliminate risks and facilitate smooth start of their projects. We work for their success.

For our Iraqi partners, we grant technology know-how, tools and training. Our technical and business experts provide advisory, educational and facilitatory services for project development in the fields of energy, precise machinery, machine tools, materiel engineering, agricultural industry, water management and IT technologies.
Due to close relationships with Centers of Excellence of European Technical Universities we are bringing new industrial capabilities and helping to stimulate economic growth and innovations in Iraq.

Abroad, we promote Iraqi Kurdistan as one of the most attractive environments for investment in the Middle East.

Point Investment is a respected partner in the world of business and technologies.